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A few things you’d like to clear up first? Maybe you’re not sure why it’s worth comparing your travel insurance insurance, how long it will take or what cover you need? Well then you’re in luck. We’ve written the following answers to questions frequently thought, but rarely asked, about finding great deals on your travel insurance.


We provide a number of premium submission and processing services for consumer and corporate clients who require Canadian travel visas and electronic authorizations (eTA). Our experts review each application to ensure there are no errors or omissions that could cause a rejection or delay by the relevant issuing authority. Once an application has been accepted and reviewed, it is then monitored through the process, and confirmation is then delivered by email, normally on the same day if there are no delays from the government immigration systems. Our support team are always available to answer any questions, and we are able to provide very fast turnarounds for customers that have had a problem at the airport, or have forgotten to apply for the correct visa or travel authorization.

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